Chapter 2: The Organization

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Chapter 2: The Organization

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Chapter 2: The Organization

~~We rejoin Toshima and Arc as they step out of an elevator into a large underground complex. The main hall has doors everywhere that lead to various areas. There are training areas, laboratories, libraries, barracks, and of course..the door in front of them that leads to the inner sanctum of the organization.

“I really hate coming here,” Toshima said with a sigh as they entered the inner sanctum. “Don’t worry Toshi, we’ll get out of here as soon as we can. I don’t exactly like coming here either,” Arc said with a sigh of agreement as they approached the council room to meet with their leader. A deep voice called out “Come in,” from beyond the door as Arc reached to knock. He pushed the door open and they both stepped inside.

“I was starting to get tired of waiting for you two. Sit down so I can explain the job and you two can get to work,” Leviathan said as he took his seat at the head of the table. Toshima and Arc both looked the leader of the organization over as he explained the job. Leviathan was a relatively large man with short black hair and a beard to match it. He wore a blue suit and had an air of superiority about him. The matching cane completed the image nicely while giving someone the impression that he was just some weak, rich gentleman from another time. Any member of the organization would tell you that his appearance is most certainly misleading. He wasn’t their leader simply because he founded the organization or financed them or anything like that. To put it quite simply, there’s a reason Toshima came when he heard it was Leviathan’s order.

“So basically, your job is to find out if these rumors about a new syndicate appearing are true. I really should send more of you, but I know how you are Toshima so I’m leaving it to the two of you,” Leviathan summarized the job after explaining the finer details. “I appreciate that sir,” Toshima said with a slight bow as he stood up. “Just don’t let me down since I’ve put my faith in you.” Leviathan’s voice got serious and the room seemed to grow colder. “Yes sir,” Toshima and Arc said together as they made their way out of the room.

“I always feel so uncomfortable being around him,” Arc said as they exited the inner sanctum back into the main hall. “Well you two are essentially polar opposites so it makes sense. Not to mention he’s not exactly the friendliest person around…” Toshima responded. Their walk through the complex was rather uneventful..until they approached the elevator. As the elevator doors opened up, they came face-to-face with an all too familiar man. He was a muscular man that appeared to be in his forties with long brown hair that he kept tied back in a ponytail. He wore a sleeveless white shirt beneath a rather extravagant brown coat and a pair of black pants that clung to him revealing the muscles beneath them. He appeared to have a constant 5 o’clock shadow and unlike Arc and Toshima, he wore a necklace with a pendant depicting the insignia of The Organization instead of gloves.

“Well if it isn’t my favorite two kids in the organization. Don’t tell me Levi is seriously sending you two out alone. Aren’t you like 12?” the man said with a grin on his face. “Can it old man! You know very well we’re both 23! Or maybe you’re finally going senile,” Toshima yelled as he balled his fists and glared at the man that stepped out of the elevator. “Woah calm down Toshi. Seriously though Zeke, that’s not cool man. You’re the one who brought us here so you know better than anyone how long it’s been,” Arc interrupted as he got between Toshima and Zeke.
“Yeah yeah I know. You’re as boring as ever Toshi. Well good luck out there. Don’t make me look bad after spending 15 years training you two,” Zeke said with a wave over his shoulder as he walked into the complex. “I swear I’m gonna kick his ass someday,” Toshima said as they got onto the elevator. “Just make sure I’m there to see it!” Arc replied as the elevator doors closed.

~~15 years ago on the streets of some rundown city~~

“That was my bread you jerk!” a young boy yelled as he punched another boy in the jaw. “Nuh-uh I saw it first!” the other boy replied as he responded to the assault with a punch of his own. “That hurt you bastard!” the first boy said as he headbutted the other boy. “So did that damn it!” he replied with a punch to the stomach. The two boys continued to trade blows like this until both were lying on the floor panting for breath. “You’re pretty tough,” the brown haired boy stated. “You’re not so bad yourself,” the white haired boy replied. After they spent a while talking, they decided to team up and help eachother survive on the streets.
After that they would work together at stealing food, robbing random people while one of them drew their attention, and whatever other means they found necessary to help them make it through each day. Things were going fine until they met..him.

“Hey Arc, check it out! That guy over there looks loaded!” Toshima called back into the alley as he searched the streets for their next target. “Woah you’re right! If we can pull this one off we should be set for a month!” Arc replied. And with that said, they started to set their plan in motion. Arc would ‘accidentally’ bump into the man and fall over. He would then pretend to be hurt and draw on the man’s sympathy. When the man bent down to help him, Toshima would stealthily pick his pocket. The plan seemed perfect, but it didn’t quite go as planned.

Everything seemed to be going fine. The man seemed worried when Arc acted hurt and leaned down to help him up. This was the moment of truth. Toshima reached into the man’s pocket and grabbed his wallet. But something was wrong. Why couldn’t he pull his hand out? He looked down and noticed that this man had somehow caught him. The man gave a twisted grin as he held onto Toshima’s wrist while Arc watched with a look of “oh crap” on his face. He pulled Toshima’s hand out of his pocket and easily lifted his small body off the ground by his wrist. That was when Arc snapped out of it and got to his feet.

“Let him go you creep!” Arc yelled as he grabbed onto the man’s arm and hung from it in a vain attempt to help his friend. “Hahahahahah. You two have quite a bit of fight in you. It’s unfortunate you picked me as your target though,” the man started off with a smile, but began shaking his head at the end. “Hmm so what should I do with you two now? Ohh I have a wonderful idea!” he said with a smile while Arc and Toshima just stared at him with a look of confusion and a bit of worry. Before they could say anything, the world started to go black and they fell unconscious.

“Ngh where the hell am I?” Toshima asked as he started to wake up. Arc began to stir shortly after. “Good question. This definitely isn’t in the city…” Arc said as they both looked around. “Hahah you’re definitely correct in that assumption kiddo. We’re in one of the Organizations warehouses about an hour outside the city I picked you up in.” the man from earlier said as he walked into the room. “Damn you old man! Where are we?! And who the hell are you?!” Toshima shouted as he got to his feet. “Relax kid. I’ll explain it all in good time. I guess for starters I should tell you who I am at least. You can call me Zeke. I’m a sort of recruiter I guess you could say for an underground order known simply as ‘The Organization’. We control and maintain the order of the region. Each of our members is in charge of a district and may choose whatever methods they see fit within certain limitations to keep their district under control. Do you get the basic idea?” Zeke explained. “That’s nice and all..but you still haven’t told us what we’re doing here! And from what you’ve said you guys sound like a bunch of vigilantes on a power trip!” Toshima replied as he glared at their abductor.

“Hmm your choice of the phrase ‘power trip’ is actually quite fitting. You see, the reason you’re here and the reason we maintain control of the region is essentially the same. Each member of The Organization possesses a unique ability that surpasses normal human comprehension. Think of us more like a secret police than a group of vigilantes,” Zeke said as he sat down on a small pillar of stone rising from the ground that the kids hadn’t noticed before. Arc and Toshima just stared at eachother for a moment then started laughing hysterically. “So you guys are like a group of superheroes? Hahahahahaha,” Arc said as they both continued to laugh. Zeke just sighed and lit a cigarette as the pillar he was sitting on rose slowly until he was sitting several feet off the ground. Arc and Toshima stared on with wide eyes.

“T-that’s a nice trick. How do we know that’s not just some contraption?” Toshima asked skeptically. “Y-yeah what he said!” Arc said. Without another word, several more pillars of varying height popped up from the ground and Zeke walked down them like steps to return to the ground. “Still think it’s just some cheap trick?” Zeke asked as he flicked his cigarette away. “I know it’s a lot to take in, but both of you possess unique abilities as well. It’s just a matter of practicing control,” he said as he patted both children on the head with a smile. “You’re kidding!” Toshima exclaimed as he pushed Zeke’s hand away. “So you’re saying we can make those rock things too?!” he continued. “No no no. Manipulating earth is MY ability. Yours will both be inherently different. No two ability users are the same. There are members of our group that can do various things from slowing time, to commanding beasts, to controlling any form of liquid. That last ability belongs to our leader and it is not something to be taken lightly.

“Isn’t your ability better than that? Controlling water seems a little bit lame..” Arc asked. Zeke’s face suddenly became very serious as he spoke. “Never underestimate his ability kid. He could control the very blood in your body and do any number of things. He could freeze you from the inside out, make your blood pour from every orifice, and a number of other dreadful experiences.” Arc stood stock still with a look of terror on his face. Just who were these monsters that called themselves The Organization?! “Well then, enough of this boring conversation. Let’s get started shall we?” Zeke said as the grin returned to his face. “Get started with what?” Toshima and Arc asked in unison. “Your training of course!” and with that, their days on the street were over. But the hard times were just beginning.


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